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What is Travel Insurance

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel Auto Insurance provides coverage during trips in the event of an accident or other mishap. There are dozens of things to remember when planning a trip – where to go, how to travel, what to pack, and what to do once you arrive. Plan as you may, there are some things that are not in your control. That’s where travel auto insurance comes in useful, by reimbursing you for unforeseen problems when you’re traveling.

There are many kinds of travel auto insurance policies to pick from, depending on the kind of trip and how long you will stay. The most common advice is a Trip Cancellation or Interruption policy, which cover cancellations due to weather issues, sudden health problems or death, jury duty, military duties, and even bankruptcy of the airline or cruise company prior to leaving. Some include terrorism insurance that covers your expenses should the U.S. State Department issue a travel warning within a country you will be traveling in for any period of time.

Medical Emergencies represent another common type of travel insurance, particularly beneficial if you decide to travel in underdeveloped countries. It’s also handy for individuals with chronic illnesses that could possibly require medical attention at any time during travels. These policies cover you for any cost incurred by doctor visits, medications, and even medical evacuation from the country. It’s always best to double check with your travel auto insurance provider regarding the fine print, as travel insurance coverage policies can vary widely.